Brain Injury Medicine

We provide seamless treatment at each step of recovery for people that have suffered mild, moderate and severe brain injuries or diseases such as Stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Spasticity Management (Muscle Stiffness)

Through a number of treatment strategies (including Baclofen pumps and botulinum toxin injections) we treat spasticity caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, traumatic/anoxic brain injury and other neurological issues.

Independent Medical Exams, Medical/Legal & Second Opinions

An additional medical opinion is often necessary to make the correct decision for medical care, surgery or therapy. We are more than happy to provide this service.

Upon request, we also provide expert medical/legal consultations.

Neuro - Modulation Management

Our progressive approach to the treatment includes discussing the use of Deep Brain Stimulators to aid in the management of Parkinson's Disease and essential tremors; Vagal Nerve Stimulators for the treatment of seizures, Pain Pumps/Spinal Cord Stimulators for pain control and Baclofen Pumps for spasticity management.

It is important to note all treatments and medications have side effects and interactions. No treatment modality guarantees success. Some accepted treatments are not FDA approved and individual results vary.  Please discuss details and questions with your doctors.
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